The Subdiaconate

The Subdiaconate

Observations by Subdeacon John

Historically, we see the mentioned use of subdeacons in the mid third century (e.g. writings of St. Cyprian of Carthage), and their initial use was to assist deacons (to release deacons from some of the deacon’s ever increasing duties during the third century).

Pragmatic liturgical duties of the subdiaconate include assisting the bishop (e.g.vesting the bishop during hierarchical services, use of dikiri, trikiri, etc.). They assure services run smoothly without distraction to the celebrants. They educate altar servers, are allowed to change altar covers, prepare the oblation table, open/close the Royal Doors, and can do the functions of a reader.

Experientially, how service is rendered to God within that office varies and is expressed according to gifts measured to each individual. Observationally, as a witness in proximity to the altar, it can be said in truth that our hierarch, rector, associate priests, attached priest(s), and visiting clergy celebrate the Liturgy and all services with much fervency, sincerity, and reverence toward God on our behalf.

All of our altar servers through the years have been serious about their service to God at His Throne and Tomb. Our gifted choir brings beauty to those in attendance and to God Himself. The importance of the church school and dedication of its teachers can never be overstated. To those in ministries at St Gregory’s, on the council, in the choir, in committees, to those in any involvement, to the priests, and to all those in attendance, I desire to be like you–to emulate your devotion and prayer. Pray for me that I may be able to better serve God, His Church and you.