That one is giving the first and the best of one’s resources to the work of the Church—in honesty and out of a sense of thanksgiving to God for His many blessings.

Dear Brother/Sister in Christ,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

On behalf of the Parish Council and clergy, we want to thank you for your ongoing support of St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church.

We are all aware of the many and varied ministries that operate within our parish. Our community outreach program continues to serve large numbers within our community. Our Church school program offers quality educational opportunities for the young people of our parish. Education opportunities abound for faithful of all ages, through adult classes, new members classes, our library and bookstore and new ministries just starting out, like the Book Club. Most importantly of all, we continue to share in the joy and fellowship of our Liturgical worship, which is at the heart of our parish.

Genuine stewardship giving is fulfilling and satisfying and so produces a sense of well-being and emotional and spiritual fitness. Authentic stewardship giving is rewarding in its wholesomeness. To give as God gives is to become more human, more of what God has created human beings to be. To be an unconstrained and authentic steward is to incorporate giving into the wholeness of the Christian life growing toward God-likeness.

The stewardship’s goal is to bring this understanding and opportunity to every person in the parish. Education about time, treasure and talent are shared during in-house visitations with parishioners. Sermons on stewardship are delivered to the congregation. The belief is that through a correct understanding of stewardship, an Orthodox believer can further develop his or her relationship with God and reap the benefits of that growth.

In doing so, the parish is richly rewarded with growth, vibrancy and the means for carrying out Christ’s work.

Please prayerfully reflect on the many ways St. Gregory’s touches your lives and consider increasing your giving of time, talent and treasure for the upcoming year. Thank you and God bless you for your faithfulness.