Our religious education program offers a comprehensive curriculum for our youth to encourage growth in knowledge, devotion to God and service to man.

Classes begin immediately after the completion of Divine Liturgy on Sundays

Our Goals:

  1. Present grade level content using guidelines from the OCEC and the Greek Archdiocese
  2. Enhance participation in worship services
  3. Encourage regular prayer and scripture reading
  4. Engage through role models by reading Lives of the Saints
  5. Have active participation in outreach and ministry, and
  6. Encourage Christ-like behavior.

Student participation in charitable projects and fundraisers occur two times a year. Some of these projects have included: the collection and donation of gently used books for children’s hospitals, a personal list of “good deeds” to do during Lent, a personal commitment to attend more Lenten church services, the creation of picture service books for the very young children, collecting new toiletries for personal health care kits for those in need, volunteering time to work at a food pantry, helping clean the church and assembling of a Pascha basket to give to a parishioner at St. Gregory’s.

Students, teachers, neighbors, and parents all benefit from the services provided by the Religious Education Department.

The Religious Education Department also sponsors the St. Nicholas Day outreach program annually.

Students are also provided with Orthodox enrichment opportunities such as camps, retreats, etc.