The purpose of the Orthodoxy 101 class is to introduce visitors, inquirers, catechumens, as well as introduce those already in the Church to basic tenets, beliefs, and practices of the Orthodox Christian Church.

Sessions are open to first-time visitors, inquirers, catechumens, and communicants of the Church. Participation and questions are encouraged! Unless otherwise noted, sessions are held scheduled Saturdays beginning at 4:30 PM, and concluding in time for participants to attend Great Vespers.

See the calendar for specific dates.

Orthodoxy 101 is a ministry that provides catechism and instruction for the following groups:

  • Visitors new to the Orthodox Christian Faith
  • Those who are interested in the possibility of being received into the Church.
  • Those who have been formally enrolled as catechumens (official “learners” in the Church)
  • Those who have been recently received into the Church
  • Those who have been Orthodox for an extended period of time and want to learn more about the Faith.

The class discusses a variety of topics.
Some of the topics covered include:

  • What is the Orthodox understanding of who God is? This involves a discussion of the Nicene Creed.
  • What is the Church?
  • What is sin?
  • What is salvation as understood in the Orthodox Church?
  • What is a sacrament? What sacraments are celebrated in the Church?
  • What are the purpose for icons in the life of the Orthodox Christian?
  • A tour of the worship space with explanations of the purpose of items found in the worship space.
  • An explanation of the Divine Liturgy celebrated each Sunday as well as other services within the Tradition of the Church.
  • Meeting Christ in prayer, fasting, and alms-giving.

Most topics include the use of the Holy Scriptures to allow participants to learn how the Bible relates to the life of the Orthodox Christian.

Participation in the class does not obligate one to be received into the Church just as participation in the class does not guarantee one is ready for reception into the Church. Also, it is expected that interested persons will also have an opportunity to meet with a priest for one-on-one sessions in order to have individual questions answered and for the priests to know best how to support the individual. The class formally meets from September through May.

The summer months are outstanding opportunities to schedule one-on-one sessions.

Check the Calendar or contact a priest for dates and times.

This class is facilitated by Fr. Stephen. For those interested in participating in the class, please feel free to speak with a priest.

I beg and implore you to go to the (Orthodox) Church. It is in all the power and glory of God! Like a ship with many masts, sails and a great helm. It is steered by the Holy Spirit. Its good helmsman are the doctors of the Church. The archpastors are the successors of the Apostles. But your chapel is like a small rowing-boat without rudder and oars; it is secured to the ship of our Church, and floats behind it. The waves wash over it, and it would have certainly gone down if it had not been secured to the ship.

St Seraphim of Sarov