Reflections: 25 Years

Reflections: 25 Years

Marking the 25th anniversary

By Father Daniel Rentel

Think about it: Fewer than three decades ago, there was no parking problem, no out buildings, no upper room for gatherings, no Saturday lunch program.

The first parishioners comprised a group of believers from disparate backgrounds: large parishes, small ones, Slavs, Greeks, Syrians, Lebanese, Romanians, English, Scots, Irish.

We were from so-called “mother churches” in the heavily industrialized towns and cities where immigrants settled to work in mills and mines in the early 20th Century. We were from small, country parishes and every other type of community in between the two extremes. We barely knew one another but we kept returning each week for the love of God.

We worshiped in rented quarters, then struck out on our own. We all know the story about our locating in a former Cadillac showroom at the corner of Summit and Oakland streets. We haven’t contributed cupolas to the Columbus skyline—they’re in the master plan that will be achieved some day.

God has granted us the courage, strength and humility to grow a parish that thrives on the work ethic imported by our forebears. We recognize here the benefactors, founders and donors who have shared our parish’s mission and have contributed greatly to its growth. Parishioner labor in tandem with our neighbors has brought about many improvements to our facilities, delicious meals and other services.

Few parishes our size—and larger—are blessed with three priests, one deacon and two subdeacons. Their spirituality, their care for our spiritual needs and love of the Church add immeasurable depth to our community.

The Columbus, Ohio, community of St. Gregory of Nyssa is grateful above all to God for giving us a quarter century dedicated to His Glory, to His priests, to donors, benefactors, workers, singers, neighbors. We greatly appreciate the labors of all who have worked to bring about this year-long celebration well earned.

All things for the glory of God!