A Letter to the Faithful

A Letter to the Faithful

by Father Daniel Rentel

In celebration of the
Parish’s 25th Anniversary

We know that the Holy Evangelist made reference to a meeting with the Resurrected Lord on the road to Emmaus. We know the “breaking of the bread” to be the Eucharist. Note if you will, the inherent strength imbedded in the actions taken by that gathering so long ago. When we break bread together here in another time and place, we too are made privy to the power of the Holy Eucharist.

oct092011_stgregnyssa-01I want us to remain faithful to the frequent “breaking of the bread” and our responses to its power. Worship should ever define us because it is the finest, perhaps the only true gift we can offer to God as an Orthodox parish. We came into being in the very first days of the autocephaly of Orthodox Church in America. Along with our coming of age was a call for a Eucharistic revival to accompany and support us on our way to the building of Kingdom in the Americas. I believed then and believe more strongly now that St. Gregory’s growing up here profoundly benefits from frequent and widespread participation in Holy Communion. Visitors and guests comment on the love and warmth they perceive here. I have often been the recipient of such love and care: I am alive today in part because of prayers offered here for my restoration to health in times past. He is known to us also.

I take this occasion to pay homage to the love and dedication of the People of St. Gregory’s. Founders receive my undying gratitude. I cannot imagine my spiritual life without the Choir that blesses our every service. I cannot find words to thank sufficiently my brother clergy who stand by me, cover for me, and tolerate a great deal of my idiosyncrasies. Of course there are greeters, servers, officers, chairs and facilitators without whom the Church simply would not run. All do much more that fulfill particular ministries. Working together, breaking bread together we become God’s Church in Columbus. As but one member of His Body I rejoice at having had the opportunity to belong to such an assembly of believers. I hope we will continue to do those things necessary to save the world we live in through prayer, service, fellowship, and communion.

Much affection in Christ,
Fr. Dan