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Today's Message

Located in Columbus, Ohio, we're an Orthodox Christian Church
in the Diocese of the Midwest, The Orthodox Church In America.
Vespers begins at 6 pm Saturday and the Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am Sunday!

Welcome To St Gregory of Nyssa OCA

Accepting the challenges that are part of any parish’s life, we’ve rejoiced in our successes and have been the recipients of many divine blessings. We have developed into a community with varied ministries to care for those both within and beyond the parish.

Our Community Outreach program, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, continues to serve large numbers within our community. Our Church School program offers quality educational opportunities for the young people of our parish. Education opportunities abound for faithful of all ages, through adult classes, new members classes, our library and bookstore and new ministries just starting out, like the Book Club.

Most importantly of all, we continue to share in the joy and fellowship of our Liturgical worship, which is at the heart of our parish.

Welcome Students

On behalf of our entire parish family, we would like to welcome all new and returning college and graduate students to St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church. If you’ve been with us before, welcome back to your spiritual home away from home. If you are new to our parish, we hope you will make this your spiritual home away from home. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you as you go through this important time of study and growth in your lives. May God bless you and keep you in His loving kindness!

If you are interested in more information about St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church or membership information, please feel free to contact us.

St Gregory of Nyssa

st gregory of nyssa in columbus, ohio

You kept watch with the eyes of your soul, holy bishop, revealing yourself as a watchful pastor for the world. With the staff of your wisdom and your fervent intercession, you drove away all heretics like wolves. You preserved your flock free from harm, most wise Gregory!

About the Life of St Gregory of Nyssa